Registration opens Monday, February 6th, 2023, and closes Friday, February 29th.

How do I register?

1. Complete the registration form on-line via Google forms and Google docs. This is the only way to register. Contact us if you have trouble with the online process.

2. Pay theĀ $6.00 per participant fee online here. (The “unit” on the form refers to one student)

You can access and edit your registration data until the deadline.

The registration deadline is February 29th. Payment must be received by Friday March 10th.


After your registration has been processed, you will be notified if there are errors that need your attention before your registration can be accepted.

Typical errors

  • Registering for the wrong event or level.
  • Not paying the fee of $6.00 per person


No registrations will be accepted after February 29th.

Time-Slot/Individual Event Registration

A sign-up sheet with specific times for events will be sent out March 13th, after initial registration is complete and numbers have been counted. Please note that late registration may prevent students’ participation in certain events if time slots have been filled.