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  • Bus access is regulated. Please adhere to all regulations!
  • Here are links for complete details about buses and parking on campus and for a detailed map with parking routes.
  • Contact University Police Parking Services in advance at (801)422-3906 or email us at  Describe the date of your visit, how many buses you are bringing, and estimated arrival time.
  • Load and unload only in the approved parking location, which is in the northeast corner of the Marriott Center parking lot (lot 20, see map)
  • Do not drive further into campus as there will be nowhere to turn around.
  • If there are special needs buses coming please have them drop off in front of the WSC student center roundabout off of 900 East and campus drive.
  • Tell your students a time to meet to pick them up so that they meet at one location and then load as a group.
  • Disclaimer: As a guest of BYU, and to help you enjoy your visit to campus, please remember that Disability, Deans, Official, and Service Stalls require special permits. Red curbs are ‘No Parking’ zones. Parking in any of these places without proper permits or authorization from the Parking Office may result in receipt of a parking citation. Please remember that Time Zone spaces are enforced for the time limits posted on the restriction sign.
  • Thank you for your cooperation.