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A choir is defined as a school wide activity for all students. Anyone who is registered for the Fair may participate in the choir competition. In contrast, small groups or individual students may participate in the Vocal Music competition.

A choir will present one live musical selection that will not take longer than 10 minutes total, including set-up. The text of the music must be in German and it is encouraged that the choir find music corresponding to the theme of Bayern. Accompaniment, where used, may be live or recorded. Singing along with recorded voices, lip synching, or merely dancing are not allowed.

One student or teacher will announce their name or school, the title of the song, and the composer. A piano and an audio system are available for the performance. There are no rehearsal facilities.


Choir performances will be judged using the following rubric:

4 points
3 points
2 points
1 point
PronunciationFlawless pronunciation; easy to understand.Good diction; the words are pronounced correctly and understandable.Mostly good; the words are difficult to understand at some points.It is difficult to understand what students are singing.
IntonationStudents are always in tune. Overall quality of sound is full and resonant.Students are mostly in tune. There may be one or two places where they are off pitch. Overall quality of sound is full and resonant.Students are mostly in tune, with several places where they are sharp or flat. Overall quality of sound is mostly full and resonant, though somewhat thin in places.Students struggle to stay in tune. Overall quality of sound is somewhat thin.
MusicalityExcellent use of dynamics.Good use of dynamics, overall good use of musicality.The students sing straight through the song with a few dynamic changes.The students sing straight through, with no change in dynamics.
Overall PerformanceThe students are fully involved in the music and are interesting to watch.The students are involved in the music.The students seem somewhat involved.The students don’t really seem to be “present.”