Vocal Music

All Levels

One or more performers, including choruses, present one number, live, in not more than five minutes (including set-up). The text must be in German and preferably connected to the Theme of Bayern. Accompaniment, where used, may be live or recorded. Singing along with recorded voices, lip synch, or merely dancing are not allowed.
Students should announce their name or school, the number, and composer as appropriate. A piano and a computer with audio capabilities are available. There are no rehearsal facilities.



4 points
3 points
2 points
1 point
German Pronunciation Pronunciation is perfect with near native like qualities. All words are pronounced correctly, with 1–3 mistakes. Most words are pronounced correctly. Many words are mispronounced.
German Intonation Intonation is perfect with near native like qualities. Emphasis is given to important words; the intonation makes sense. Intonation makes sense, with 2–3 mistakes. Intonation is off; students don’t seem to understand what they are singing.
Musical Technique Excellent use of dynamics, flawless performance. Good music technique is observed. A few mistakes are present, but nothing that distracts from the performance. Mistakes distract from the performance.