Junior High and High School

Each school may enter three 5-minute German-language films, all of which should be written and produced by the students. The link to the film should be sent via email to Dr. Bell ( no later than midnight on Thursday, April 9th. Content must meet BYU standards: no sexual content or innuendo, immodest clothing, swearing, vulgarity, profanity, etc. An opening credit must identify the school. Scoring criteria include quality of the script, spoken German, production values, and acting. The videos will be shown and judged in the Harman Building Ballroom (HCEB) and may be viewed by all participants. No one from the school needs to be present for the judging of the film, so there will be no conflict with other events.

Submission Instructions
Please send a shareable link to Dr. Bell ( no later than midnight on Thursday, April 9th.


4 points
3 points
2 points
1 point
Quality of Script There is a clear storyline present, complete with foreshadowing, rising action, and a climax. The German sounds authentic. There is a clear storyline present, with rising action and a climax. Where multiple scenes are present, they work together. The German sounds relatively authentic. While a storyline is present, it is somewhat unclear. Somewhat inauthentic use of German. No storyline is present; inauthentic use of German.
Spoken German Clearly understandable, flawless German. Clearly understandable. Some mistakes are made, but the overall meaning is still easy to understand. Mostly understandable. Some mistakes inhibit understanding, but overall comprehension is still possible. Difficult to understand.
Production Values Excellent editing skills, sound and image are clear. Sound and image are clear. Students clearly took time to edit the film. Sound and image are mostly clear, with mostly good editing. Sound and/or image unclear. Poorly edited.
Acting The students imbue their characters with life and emotion. They convincingly portray their respective characters and interact well with each other. The students take on the role of their character, using appropriate emotion/movement. They interact well with each other. The students use appropriate emotion/movement for their character. They stay in character for the most part The students are simply reciting lines.