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A three vs. three soccer tournament will be held on the lawn east of the CONF. Players must be eligible for the fair (see “Admission Guidelines”) and may be of any gender or age. Each school may enter one-two teams of three students. The team must have a team name in German. Each game in the tournament format will last 5 minutes and by played on a small field with small goals, without a goalkeeper. Normal shoes (sneakers, for example) must be worn. No cleats or bare feet are allowed. We also discourage athletic clothing, as students will be moving between the games and other fair activities for which they must wear normal clothing. No changing facilities will be available.

Our online registration is configured to accept your soccer entrants. The time of the first game will be included in the overall school schedule. After that, winning teams will have to pay attention to the tournament result board by the field for the time of their next game.

In order to participate in soccer, each student must fill out a Liability Waiver. Unless the student is 18 or older, this will need to be signed by a parent with an indication of the student they are signing for. The form may be uploaded digitally or mailed in, but the signed waiver MUST be received before a student can play. Please ensure the document is signed in blue or black ink.

Download 18+ Waiver

Download Waiver for Minors