Scenes from Plays

Levels II, III+

No more than five participants will present a scene from a legitimate play written originally in German, if possible related to this year’s theme of Bayern. The scene should be about 3-7 minutes in length. Costumes and props are not required and will not influence the rating. Provide a copy of the script to the judge.


4 points
3 points
2 points
1 point
Acting Students’ acting really makes the characters come alive. Students use appropriate emotions and movement; their lines are said with emotion and they make good use of the space. Students mostly use appropriate emotions and movement. In some moments, they may seem to merely be reciting their line, but these moments are rare. Students lack emotion and movement; they are simply reciting memorized lines.
Memorization All parts are memorized and flow flawlessly with no hiccups. All parts are memorized. There may be 1 – 2 hesitations, but nothing that distracts from the scene. There are several hesitations and pauses, but parts are mostly memorized. Lack of memorization is distracting from the overall scene.
German Flawless pronunciation, flawless German. Accurate pronunciation and grammar with one or two mistakes. If it is an original scene, the German is correct and makes sense. Mostly accurate pronunciation and grammar. A few mistakes, but nothing that distracts from the scene. Mistakes make it difficult to understand what is happening in the scene.