Level I

This event takes place in Kleindeutschland. Level I students may bring a poem of their own to read or recite for a judge or may choose from a few poems to read for a judge. There are no sign-up times for level I poetry. Students are invited to visit the booth when they would like.

Level II, III

Students will sign up for a time-slot and present from memory a complete poem of about 12 to 30 lines in length written originally in German.

Excerpts from longer poems are not acceptable.

The judge may ask one comprehension question in English. Provide a copy of the poem to the judge. Many suitable poems can be found at http://www.gutenberg.org or other Internet sites.



Distinguished – 4 points (reserved for truly exceptional recitations) Superior – 3 points Excellent – 2 points Good – 1 point
Delivery The student presents the poem with both proper intonation and feeling. The student presents the poem with proper intonation. The delivery is smooth with proper pauses. The student presents the poem with mostly proper intonation, but with a few pauses or emphases in odd places. The student hurriedly recites the poem without thinking about the meaning behind it.
Pronunciation All words are pronounced correctly. 95% or more of words are pronounced correctly. Most words are pronounced correctly; mistakes are not distracting. Many words are mispronounced, making it difficult to understand the poem.
Memorization The poem is completely memorized. The poem is completely memorized with 1 or 2 pauses. The poem is memorized. The student may need 1 – 2 promptings. The poem is not memorized.
Comprehension The student completely understands the poem. The student is able to accurately answer the follow up question. The student is able to answer the follow up question, though with less specificity as a “Superior” rating. The student is unable to answer the question.