Level I, II, III

Answer 10 questions about yourself. Questions vary based upon level.
Points will be assigned for each answer based on the rubric below.
The rating is based on the point total.


4 Points
3 Points
2 Points
1 Point
0 Points
For each question: The student goes above and beyond question requirements. This score should be reserved for students who do an exceptionally good job of answering the questions, and should thus be given rarely, if at all. The student fully answers the question. While there may be pauses or hesitations, they do not distract from the student’s meaning. Vocabulary is accurate and varied. The student mostly answers the question. Some medium length pauses may be present. Vocabulary is mostly accurate and somewhat varied. The student struggles to answer the question. One word answers or long pauses and frequent inaccurate use of grammar. Student is unable to answer the question.